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Gold Standard in Madrid


Gold Standard will be participating in a broad range of events at COP25 in Madrid from next week onwards. If you’re there and would like to set up a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us>>



Principles and case studies for disruptive technologies and 1.5° - compliant system transformation
 Wednesday 4 Dec 10:30–12:00 
Hosted by the Climate Ledger Initiative jointly with EIT Climate-KIC
EU Pavilion, Room Brussels

Speaking for Gold Standard
Owen Hewlett + Sarah Leugers
With the launch of the second edition of the Navigating Blockchain and Climate Action report, the Climate Ledger Initiative (CLI) assesses the landscape of blockchain and emerging digital technologies to identify those most effective for operationalizing policy instruments of the Paris Agreement and accelerating progress to meet the 1.5 degree temperature limit. 

>> First edition of Navigating Blockchain and Climate Action report

Connecting the dots: Interactive workshop on digitalization and climate action
 Wednesday 4 Dec 13:30-15:30 
As part of the UNFCCC
capacity-building day 

EU Pavilion, Room Brussels

Speaking for Gold Standard
Owen Hewlett
This capacity building workshop aims to bring actors with diverse backgrounds together to exchange learnings and identify where blockchain and other innovative technologies will help accelerate climate action and support the implementation of the Paris Agreement. 

Due to limited space, please RSVP to

>>View the programme


Envisioning voluntary carbon market post-2020
 Thursday 5 Dec 12:00-13:30 
Hosted by ICROA
IETA Pavilion

Speaking for Gold Standard
Owen Hewlett
Owen Hewlett will join ICROA to continue the discussion on how future carbon markets will align with the emerging rules and context of the Paris Agreement.

This builds on the work Gold Standard has been doing with its partners to position the Voluntary Carbon Market to help fill the Emissions Gap, the Finance Gap and the Time Gap and effectively channel finance to meet 1.5 ambition.

>>Read Phase 1 final working group statement

Advanced MRV solutions for unlocking
carbon market potential
 Thursday 5 Dec 16:00-17.30 
Hosted by EBRD
IETA Pavilion

Speaking for Gold Standard
Owen Hewlett
Time-consuming and expensive: two complaints common to conventional emission reductions monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV). However, with the digital revolution already upon us, environmental markets are poised for big changes to embrace new technologies. Join this event to discuss the opportunities and challenges digital technologies create when applied to market-based instruments.

Sustainable Development impacts under Article 6 
 Friday 6 Dec 10:30-12:00 
Hosted by the New Climate Institute 
IETA Pavilion

Speaking for Gold Standard
Sarah Leugers

Generating positive co-benefits are important for the voluntary market but also have significant potential for SDGs in Paris based market approaches. The informed use of sustainable development indicators and safeguards has the potential to improve effective implementation of development benefits through transparency, identification and efficient quantification.

>> REPORT: Assessment of Sustainable Development approaches for use in Article 6

>> SDG TOOLS GUIDANCE: Informing user-friendly tools to help capture contributions toward the SDGs
Land Matters: Getting to Zero in Corporate Climate Targets
 Monday 9 Dec 9:30-11:00 
Hosted by Mars Incorporated 
IETA Pavilion

Speaking for Gold Standard
Margaret Kim

To meet science based targets, align to a 1.5 degree pathway and aim toward net-zero emissions, companies need tools and guidance around accounting for land use change emissions and carbon removals. This event explores the carbon accounting and target-setting guidelines emerging in this sector, with the aim to establish a more standardized way for companies to manage supply chain emissions.

Forest Restoration:
Climate Offense for Business
 Monday 9 Dec 14:00-15:30 
Hosted by Arbor Day Foundation
IETA Pavilion

Speaking for Gold Standard
Margaret Kim

Historic and recent evidence is clear that the time to plant trees at-scale is now. Trees are a proven, low-cost, effective, and scalable approach to mitigating the impacts of a changing climate. This event will explore both market-based and value/supply chain approaches to guiding investments into restoring forests and community trees.

For more information, please visit our COP25 event page>>





Envisioning the voluntary carbon market post-2020

This programme is intended to shape future carbon markets to align with the emerging rules and context of the Paris Agreement. In October 2019, Gold Standard and its partners released a statement that sought to define the nature of voluntary carbon credits, foundational claims associated with those units, and implications on accounting.

>>Read the final working group statement

Phase 2 will provide guidance that further defines preconditions for legitimacy like internal reduction target setting, best practices for financing emission reductions beyond organisational boundaries, and credible claims for those buying carbon credits, as well as alignment with new Article 6 developments.

The statement was produced in collaboration with WWF, CDP, WRI, The Nature Conservancy, Carbon Market Watch, ICROA, and other standards bodies. For more information>> 



Assessment of sustainable development approaches for use in Article 6

This report is intended for Article 6 negotiators and experts involved in carbon markets. It aims to provide insights to assist in selecting suitable sustainable development impact assessment approaches and to inform negotiations on the benefits of introducing a work programme to develop tools to measure and monitor the contributions of Article 6 activities to sustainable development.

>>Download report

The report was produced by the Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI) with the support from the governments of Belgium, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden. For more information on the SDI and the policy dialogue on Sustainable Development>>


SDG impact tools programme

In August 2019, we published new guidance to inform the development of user-friendly tools that will help project developers capture the full range of their projects' contributions toward the SDGs, while also guarding against overclaiming, or "SDG washing."

>>Download SDG Tool Guidance

This work emerges from the collaboration between Gold Standard and the UNFCCC Secretariat to help non-governmental stakeholders transparently and independently assess and report the impact of their climate initiatives and their contributions towards the SDGs. For more information>>

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