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Gold Standard Impact Registry:
Update on next steps 
We've spent the last months gathering input about the new impact registry. We've heard loud and clear that it should be easier and more intuitive to answer the most important questions and perform your day-to-day tasks. Below is a sneak peek into the enhancements we'll incrementally release over the next months to address this feedback.
  • Improved search & filtering: To make it easy to narrow down the set of data you're looking for
  • Sorting: Whether by vintage, country, project or more to sort, prioritise and hide data how you wish
  • Smart summaries: For a filtered set of credits or a list of your accounts, you'll be able to see the totals for active vs. retired credits at a glance
  • Data export: To analyse, transform, and report on your data to suit your business needs
  • Clearer hierarchy & navigation: To navigate intuitively within the registry whether you're logged in or logged out and clearly delineate between your projects and credits and the market's projects and credits
  • Batch transactions: To transfer or retire multiple blocks of credits in one fell swoop

Our thanks to the users who sent us feedback and participated in our usability interviews over the past months. We're excited to reflect your feedback into the evolving registry to better support your business.

German Federal Government looking to purchase CERs 

The German Environment Agency has published a tender to purchase 309,358 emission reduction certificates (Certified Emission Reductions, CERs) from registered high-quality CDM projects to offset the 2018 business trips.
Access the tender>>

Click on “view tendering documents”, there is also an attached service description, checklist and other relevant documents in English below. For more information, please contact Mrs. Noreen Käschner>> 

Climate Policy Commentary: 

The current state of sustainable development provisions in the Article 6 'rulebook' negotiations 
Following the 50th Meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies to the UN Climate Convention in Bonn, Sven Braden, Karen Olsen and Marion Verles provide their views for the Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI) on the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC process.

Read commentary>>


Consultation reminders:

Renewable energy eligibility: Second consultation 

To ensure that funding goes to interventions most in need post-2020 when the Paris Agreement comes into force, Gold Standard has proposed new eligibility criteria that restricts carbon credits from renewable energy projects in middle- and higher-income countries but would continue for projects in Least Developing Countries (LDCs) or in limited exceptions. 
 How to get involved 

Understanding that any decision regarding eligibility criteria has a significant effect on prospective project development, we would like to receive your feedback on the proposals that came out of the first consultation.

View the consultation>>

Review first round consultation feedback>>

Standard updates for Gold Standard for the Global Goals 

Following the ISEAL Alliance “Setting Social and Environmental Standards” Code of Best Practice, Gold Standard for the Global Goals is updated on a regular basis to account for broader stakeholder inputs and developments in the sector.
 How to get involved 

This consultation seeks stakeholder feedback on how to improve, simplify or amend the standard and is open until 18 August 2019.  

Comment on the standard>>
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Carbon offsetting and Gold Standard have been increasingly featured in mainstream news sources.

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Last chance to vote for Gold Standard
If you appreciate the work we’ve been doing to ensure a strong carbon market post-2020, we’d appreciate if you considered casting your ballot for Gold Standard.

Survey closes Friday 26 July 2019.

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