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Report Launch:
Valuating the benefits of improved cooking solutions - Impact data in high resolution 
A new
research study by Vivid Economics that estimates the economic value of benefits related to climate, health, ecosystem protection, economic opportunity, poverty reduction and other development outcomes from its clean cooking solutions project portfolio has been published.

The study, supported by Climate-KIC, finds that for every carbon credit issued from a clean cookstove project, $267 in economic value is created. For domestic biogas projects, the average value created is $465 per credit. The net benefit of Gold Standard's improved cooking solutions portfolio adds up to $2.6 billion per annum (reference year 2017) and $11.6 billion over total project lifetime.


These findings build on earlier work commissioned by Gold Standard that looked across additional project types. In comparison, this study takes a deep dive on improved cooking solutions and valuates a broader set of development benefits. Researchers used updated primary data from all projects that have issued Gold Standard carbon credits, rather than project sampling in the previous report. The new study also features disaggregation per region and per technology-fuel combination across all impact channels and introduces additional improvements for greater specificity.

The report supports ongoing efforts to rapidly deploy best available cooking technologies at scale by providing a more complete picture of monetary benefits.

Building on this effort, Gold Standard plans to introduce a forward-looking impact evaluation tool for projects that introduce improved cooking solutions that can be used by developers to understand which deployment locations and technologies might deliver the highest impact on the Sustainable Development Goals. The team is also focused on creating automated tools for impact reporting and data visualisation to help project developers more effectively communicate about their projects' impact. These tools will be released in due course.

Download the report>>
Standard updates: Public consultation for Gold Standard for the Global Goals 

Following the ISEAL Alliance “Setting Social and Environmental Standards” Code of Best Practice, Gold Standard for the Global Goals is updated on a regular basis to account for broader stakeholder inputs and developments in the sector.

This consultation seeks stakeholder feedback on how to improve, simplify or amend the standard and is open until 18 August 2019.  

Comment on the standard>>
Envisioning the role of the voluntary carbon market post-2020:
Public Consultation

The Paris Agreement poses a new framework for carbon markets. While the Kyoto Protocol was limited in both coverage and ambition, the Paris Agreement applies to all countries and its ambition introduces global net zero emissions targets.
This provides the voluntary carbon market with an opportunity to help close the emissions gap, the finance gap and the time gap, accelerating the transition towards net zero emissions. With support from the German government, Gold Standard convened a working group, including WWF, CDP, WRI, The Nature Conservancy, Carbon Market Watch, ICROA and other standards bodies, to reflect on how the voluntary carbon market can best contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

"The role of voluntary carbon credits shifts from an instrument to go beyond compliance targets in the Kyoto era to an instrument to accelerate the global transition towards net zero emissions by helping close the emissions gap, the finance gap and the time gap."

We are pleased to share the output of this working group, a statement on the role and design of the voluntary carbon market post-2020 for public consultation>> The working group notes that this statement for consultation does not formally represent the positions of the individual members of the group.

 How to get involved 

Review the Working Group statement for consultation>>

The consultation is open through 03 July 2019. Submit your feedback to or join our webinar on 25 June 2019 at 16:00 CEST to provide feedback directly.

Public Consultation Webinar:
25 June 2019 at 16:00 CEST

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In the past 12 months, Gold Standard has:
If you appreciate the work we’ve been doing to support your climate action efforts and to ensure a strong carbon market post-2020, we’d appreciate if you considered casting your ballot for Gold Standard.

Last call for SDG Impact Tools Programme 

This is the last call for partners to help deliver the next phase of this SDG Impact Tools Development Programme. If you would like to contribute to the technical development of these tools, please submit your expressions of interest to

Open call for development partners>>
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We've just given our site an overhaul to make the experience more user-centric, the content more accessible, and project impact more compelling.

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