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"With 2019 well underway, we take this opportunity to share a strategic update with you to show how our work plan will catalyse progress toward our vision for "climate security and sustainable development for all."

OUR VISION. Climate security and sustainable development for all / OUR MISSION. To catalyse more ambitious climate action to achieve the Global Goals through robust standards and verified impacts.
Theory of Change
By creating robust standards for climate and development interventions that enable the credible measurement of impact, Gold Standard aims to create $100 billion in shared value by 2030.

Our focus is to develop and evolve a flexible meta-standard that sets the benchmark for climate and development interventions and to push for greater ambition in markets and policy frameworks. Underlying this strategic focus, we aim to reduce costs and complexity and increase value for credible impact certification.
Innovate. Create user-centric standard, methodologies + tools / Elevate.   Drive higher ambition
To operationalise the strategy, we lead a series of strategic initiatives, long-term efforts and innovations either internally led or coordinated with institutional partners. We also host multi-stakeholder programmes through the Gold Standard Network Platform, which are open for broad stakeholder participation (eg, working groups) to achieve a specific objective or deliverable.
The Gold Standard Board of Directors continues the search for the organisation's next CEO to take this strategy forward, evolving it to meet ever-more urgent need for progress in climate security and sustainable development. For more on the profile we're seeking or to propose a candidate, contact Acre Recruitment. We look forward to updating you on this process soon.

Webinar with Science Based Targets initiative partners on Sustainable Brands:

Value Change: How to drive climate-positive action through the value chain

 Wednesday, 27 February 2019 at 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT 
We'll host a webinar on Sustainable Brands alongside our partners from the Science Based Targets initiative as well as corporate colleagues Mars and Target. The webinar will help businesses reduce emissions from what is often the largest source of their carbon footprint: the value chain. It will help companies remove barriers to directly address value chain emissions with new Scope 3 accounting methods at the intervention level, for example those that help suppliers or vendors lower their footprints. A comprehensive set of best practices and diverse set of case studies demonstrate what is possible. We’ll also discuss the future of the programme and how stakeholders can get involved.

Register here>>

A new registry is in the works…

We are pleased to announce that in March we will launch a new public registry. This new platform will track Gold Standard environmental assets and the climate and development impacts of certified interventions in a more intuitive and user-friendly way.
As we believe that seamless management and analysis of impact data will be critical to meeting the Paris Agreement and the Global Goals, we're committed to make this data accessible and useful to all our stakeholders. Our thanks to Markit, who has provided our registry services for six years and is supporting the transition.
We will provide continued updates in the lead up to the launch. If you have important questions before this time, reach out to Sarah Leugers.
WWF pioneers supply chain traceability

Last month, Gold Standard strategic partner WWF launched a cutting-edge system to make corporate supply chains transparent and fully traceable. WWF Australia and BC Digital have introduced blockchain technology that allows for the unique identification and traceability of fish from the point where it is caught to the point of sale.
Using radiofrequency identification, e-tagging and scanning, fishermen can register their catch on the blockchain. From there, the blockchain captures and tracks information to the processing facility and could potentially carry on to the retail store shelf using QR codes and digital records.
This use case, featured in our Navigating Blockchain for Climate Action report, is a great example of how business can leverage disruptive technologies to build brand value by answering to increasing customer demand for transparent sourcing.
Women / Energy / Climate: Linking SDGs to drive finance to high impact projects

Gold Standard has published a new thought leadership paper Women, Energy, Climate that demonstrates how addressing SDG 5 to “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls” can catalyse the achievement of many other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The paper explores how, for example, ensuring women’s participation and leadership in decision making can help address inequalities (SDG 10) and contribute to more peaceful and inclusive societies (SDG 16). It can also lead to improved social outcomes, like family health (SDG 3) and education (SDG 4). Giving women voice and agency can be transformative even in environmental management – from ecosystem conservation (SDG 15) to climate change mitigation (SDG 13). Lessons learned from carbon markets show how strong standards and verified impacts can drive funding through results-based finance frameworks to help mainstream gender in the Agenda 2030.
The paper was co-written with Brasilian-based project developer Instituto Perene. In September, our Director of Communications, Sarah Leugers, and Instituto Perene's Technical Director, Renata Everett Valladares, presented this content at the International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) in New York. Instituto Perene was later awarded third place in the Brazilian government's inaugural SDG Prize for their Efficient Cookstove Program, which is certified to Gold Standard for the Global Goals.
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RECs Market Meeting >> 

SustainCERT Standards Manager Richard lliffe will present Gold Standard's approach to ensure robust RE project planning and enduring positive SDG impacts, as well as stimulating new RE generation capacity.
13 March 2019

World Sustainable Development Summit >> 

Gold Standard President Yvo de Boer will speak at the WSDS taking place in New Delhi, India.

Yvo will also address the Parliaments of the European Union and the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) Parliaments at the Joint Parliamentary Assembly on 19 March, addressing the question "Is our economic model compatible with climate change?"